Fire and Fiber Art

Art created by Carol and Evans Fletcher

I create art quilts because I love to work with fabric. It is a medium that has allowed me to express myself in an artistic manner. Many of the quilts I have made have been with a specific show or contest theme in mind. I planned the quilts just like I would write a story, brainstorming first, selecting the best idea and developing it.

Sometimes a particular character catches my interest, like the praying mantis that appears in several of my quilts. My students brought her to my classroom one day. I put her on a screen and sketched her while she studied her surroundings. At one point, she slowly turned her head and looked directly at me. She was incredibly regal. Other insects have drawn my attention too, like the bee that landed on the fabric I was trying to batik. He wouldn't leave, so I sketched him. He ended up on Bee Globe Trotters, Enjoy the Colors of The World!

I dye and paint many of the fabrics that are in my quilts.

I have been working with fused glass since 2002. Hot glass has always captivated me and I am intrigued by the characteristics of glass while in a molten or semi-molten state.  I enjoy working with the glass in this state, creating my own unique glass sheets or pieces to use in my other work.

While glass is the primary medium that I work with, I am also experimenting with other materials.  

Carol Fletcher

Evans Fletcher